What should you wear for a headshot for linked in/business?

We have various lighting styles too and can advise on the best one for the end application whether it is the web, a printed brochure or something else.

unnamedYou know your business and the dress code preferred better than we do probably!

So we suggest you bring three or more options for the top half of you. Choose clothes that fit well and are well pressed. Do think about the colour in the image as monochrome can suit some skin tones but not all.  If you are pale its best to have colour on to lift your skin tone.

Sometimes the outfits you think will work don’t as you only end up seeing a small part of them, neck line or collar so it’s good to try a few options and some different shapes. We are here to straighten your clothes, smooth them down and check all looks smart as well as give advice on the outfits and how they are working.

We will help you find the best position to suit you and help you relax and enjoy having your photo taken, we will also background ideas to compliment your skin tone and your clothes.

Lastly we suggest you DO have that haircut and do wear a little more make up than normal, chances are you will use the image for quite a few years so it is best to give it your all!

Any further questions do email us info@canburystudio.co.uk