What should you wear for a family photoshoot?

Families coming for a group shot should consider these questions to help guide them initially:

unnamed-1Do you prefer black & white or colour shots of your family or a mix of both?

Are you intending to put the image on your wall? If so where in your house?

What sort of frames suit the room you will put the photo up in?

Does the room have a colour scheme and would you want the photo to work with it – especially relevant if you want to showcase a big image?

We suggest you pick a colour palette to suit you and then end location of the image.

Here are some ideas:

beige, brown, denim, blue, navy and cream

or perhaps pink, purple, navy, denim, light blues and white

or for a family who wears lots of black; red, grey black and cream.

Any other combinations can work too, the image attached shows a recently large family group shot, they choose blue and added a few shots of coral here and there which made it all work and really lifted the shot.

So pick a colour palette that your family could wear and once you have the palette you can add patterns, stripes, florals if they adhere to the colour scheme. Avoid large logos and text if you can as they generally take the eye away from the people. Clothes that fit really well work best as baggy shapes tend to be unflattering. Black and white simplifies and colours are obviously less important so if you have worked  the colour you can look at a mix of colour and black and white and see what works best for you.

Any further questions do email us info@canburystudio.co.uk